Tuesday, December 26, 2017

"The End" Week: Spidey #12!

We checked out the Dr. Doom issue earlier this year, so why not look over the series finale? From 2016, Spidey #12, "Spidey No More!" Written by Robbie Thompson, art by Nathan Stockman.

The title makes it sound like Spidey's quitting, and later on the issue does reference the classic Amazing Spider-Man #50 costume-in-the-trash shot, but in a clever fashion. Everything is going Peter Parker's way: Aunt May has a job, the Bugle paid for some photos, and his homecoming dance with Gwen Stacy goes off without a hitch. So, of course he's going to catch a beating, courtesy of the Sinister Six! Who may not even get to shout out that name, but do deliver a pretty stout whuppin.' Thinking of Gwen, Spidey rallies, and gives as good as he gets--possibly because the Six may have run into each other a lot.

His costume ruined, it goes in the trash and Peter sews up a new one. Springs for the armpit webs this time, too. Not a bad little wrap-up to the series, although from the column at the end, I want to see Spidey #10, which may have included Captain America vs. J.Jonah Jameson's mustache...

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Dale Bagwell said...

Hmm, looks fun. That panel where he asks "Who blogs anyway?" stings a little, ammirite? ;)