Monday, December 25, 2017

As usual, (mostly) Christmas reruns! Enjoy!

It's not a perennial holiday classic...yet; but I rerun this one every Christmas: "How Deadpool saved assisted didn't wreck had Christmas."

As usual, click to unwrap, er, enlarge. Not sure of the setup? The first strip's waaaay back here.

What the heck, you've been good this year...he says, based on nothing; so let's have another holiday re-run: "Jingle Bells, Blame Mattel..."

And for good measure, here's the 2015 Christmas strip! Pool and Kurt had been in space for about 21 months at that point, so yeah, this plotline has gone on.

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Dale Bagwell said...

Ha ha, classic! Still love that Batman/Robin '66 bit. You gotta' do a follow-up at some point though with some of his other villains and Speed Racer using the Batmobile to win.

And to quote Pink Floyd's the Wall album, I think it's way past time to "...Bring the boys back home." Just Saying....
Merry Christmas Goo.