Thursday, December 28, 2017

"The End" week meets 80-Page Thursdays: Marvel Super-Heroes #15!

We don't often have an 80-pager for "The End" Week, but we have one today! From 1993, Marvel Super-Heroes #15 (Fall 1993), featuring stories by Walt Simonson, Bill Mantlo, Len Kaminski, and more; art by Keith Pollard, Joe Barney, Don Heck, and more.

Most of my write-up for this issue was spent trying to figure out if I'd blogged this one already, since we've already hit most of the run. No? OK, then. This may have been the last of the fill-in, inventory stories to burn off, wrapping up the series with a somewhat disjointed Iron Man story, then two Thor's, both fairly funny. As always, I wish Simonson had drawn his; but it's a fun one with Volstagg. Although, every time I see Volstagg on a horse, I think of the horse as the biggest hero in the story.

The Hulk is mentioned on the cover, but only appears in a pin-up: the last story for this title would be a terrible, possibly re-dialogued Dr. Druid story guest-starring the Texas Twister and Son of Satan. That one's not going on any highlight reels, but the rest is fine, and the Volstagg story has been reprinted--in a collection using the cover from this issue!

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