Thursday, December 14, 2017

Two Eclipso figures, but no Metal Men? That seems unfair.

I mentioned before not buying the DC Universe Classics Metal Men, because I honestly didn't think Mattel would get anywhere near finishing the team. They did, long after it was too late to go back and pick them up! I probably had more Eclipso comics than Metal Men too, but here's one for the latter...guest starring Eclipso! From 1976, Metal Men #49, "The Dark God Cometh!" Plot and script by Martin Pasko, plot and art by Walt Simonson.

The splash page recaps it pretty succinctly: Eclipso has "summoned a mysterious giant whatsis from the waters surrounding Diablo Island!" It's up to the Metal Men to stop it, even if their creator Dr. Magnus seems a bit befuzzled today, or maybe concussed. Eclipso gets turned back into Bruce Gordon twice this ish, once to deliver some exposition about the whatsis, Umbra: this is a bit of Eclipso's origin that would be retconned later, or at least over-shadowed (as it were) with his fallen angel of vengeance bit.

This was reprinted in the 1989 trade The Art of Walt Simonson, so I knew I had read this before; but I don't mind having a copy to shove into the scanner. This was his last issue on the book, although he would do the covers for #50-52.


Mr. Morbid's House Of Fun said...

Doc Magnus, what a dick. Never chance Doc, never change.
Story and art look better than they have a right too for back then though.
Never knew Walt did DC work back then.

You still planning on ever completing the Metal Men?

Barbecue17 said...

Fun fact: I just completed my DCUC/ Signature Series Metal Men a week or two ago! I bought a large lot of collectors from a fellow collector that included Lead, Platinum, Gold, and Tin to complete my set! They're awesome!

googum said...

Ah, there's a set on eBay: $165+$45 shipping. Soooo...not today. That's in-package, though; although I could use the Ultra-Humanite! No! Go away, eBay!