Sunday, December 24, 2017

Throw the switch, get the party started!

Even if this particular comic doesn't count, towards what we're doing! From 1990, What The--?! #7, "Us Against Them!" Written by Scott Lobdell, art by Rurik Tyler.

There are some nice lines in this, starting with the text opening: "For years we've been promising the ultimate super-hero team-up. No, we're not talking about Secret Wars III--we're referring the long-awaited Avengers/Justice League crossover between Mighty Marvel and DC. Since none of us will live that long to see it, we'll have to make do with this What The--?! version..." Hopefully some readers held out long enough.

But the line I like, in breathless caption box narration: "From all over the Marble Universe they come! From their own series...from canceled series...from series that should be canceled!" And man alive, are there a mess of those! We are somehow up to our ninth annual "The End" Week, where we look at the last issues of various comic titles! I think when I started doing those, there were at least a couple books you figured would always have the same numbering and never fold, like Detective Comics. I was even wronger than usual on that point, but it does ensure a solid pool of comics for this week every year! We're jumping the gun a little, since the first issue we're checking out is a Christmas one, later today!

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