Friday, December 22, 2017

Merc Squad! In Color!

Cue kicky if generic theme music!

OAFE described this figure as "Someone has found a way to cast a gigantic yawn in solid plastic!" But the Suicide Squad Rick Flag figure could be a fun starter customization project, especially since you can get him pretty darn cheap now. I had seen others mention it was available at Five Below, but I got a couple at Ross up here for $3.99 each.

The heads are on there tight, so you will have to do the "boil-and-pop" technique: heat up a bit of water in the microwave, dip him for a minute, and the head should come off much more easily. Somewhat disappointingly, I had a few DC Multiverse heads handy, and none of them fit on the Rick Flag body! There was the unmasked Legend of Tomorrow Atom and Jim Gordon Batman, and a prison Lex Luthor. None of which swapped well with each other. Still, I had an Anakin Skywalker head from an eBay haul, and the bearded Peter Parker head from the Captain Universe figure: the latter is loose, but doable.

I need to go through some more accessory bins, but from that aforementioned eBay haul, I had a vest from the Marvel Legends Frankenstein for Anakin: it reminds me of an inexplicable ensemble Nick Fury sported once! And I have reams of weapons to swap out and differentiate them some more.

Taking it easy today, since I'll be hitting the road; but starting Sunday we've got 25 posts scheduled for next week already! Have to see if I can get some more in there...

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Dale Bagwell said...

Wow, that look really is generic-looking, especially when you present it like that. They look like those dollar store/dollar general generic army men you find in the toy aisle.

Definitely not DC's best work, and while the real Rick Flagg's comic outfit isn't all that better, at least it doesn't look as generic as the movie version.

Hope you have a very safe and successful holiday trip man.