Friday, December 15, 2017

The dolly's not his. Presumably.

Sometimes, you may find a figure on eBay or Amazon that you were either previously unaware of, never saw in stores, or otherwise slept on. Thanks to those sites, you can now go back and get those figures, but what do you do for quality control problems on a nine-year-old figure? Like this one! Diamond Select's Battlestar: Galactica Razor Cylon Warrior, from 2008.

This was an exclusive from somewhere called "," which I hadn't heard of before, but doesn't appear to be there anymore. There were other styles of Cylons available as exclusives for ThinkGeek, Toys R Us, and Action Figure Express; but they were all the newer reboot style. ToyRocket's was a Guardian or Centurion, more closely resembling the Cylons of the original TV series, especially in the head. But unlike the originals, who were actors in suits, I'm pretty sure all of the reboot Cylons (except the ones in human form) were CGI.

The Cylon Warrior has some interesting pistons on its legs, arms, and torso; but a small ring in the left shoulder was was broken out of the package, so the piston is all that's holding his arm on. A bit of glue or something might reinforce that, at the cost of a little range of motion. Still, it makes me feel this figure is a bit fragile. He came with a rifle, with the barrel a little bent; and a dolly. A dolly? I'm guessing it's not the Cylon's, but rather some fallen human child's. It's an odd choice, but symbolic. It's that or come with a literal child's face to stomp on...

Around the start of October, I honestly thought for a moment that I would be pretty much done with buying figures for the year: I had finished the Marvel Legends Netflix and Ragnarok waves, and got the DC Multiverse Rookie wave; I didn't think anything else was coming out the rest of the year! Not only was I wrong about that, I also opted to get a lot of Star Trek and other sci-fi figures. With more coming; I may have to update this picture at the end of the year.


SallyP said...

He is kind, actually.

Dale Bagwell said...

I'm pretty much done buying figure for the rest of the year myself, with the exception of the new Retro Wolverine and Black Widow figures if I see them. Otherwise I'm waiting for 2018 to come, where I cherry pick the Namor, Black Bolt, and possibly Iron Man figures from that lackluster BP movie wave. After that, looking forward to the Mr. Fantastic Walgreens exclusive, X-Men, Spider-Man, Avengers and BW/GR motorcycle figures.