Thursday, December 21, 2017

I'm scheduling this ahead, as a reminder:

Sun Boy enjoys the winter solstice at Stonehenge, in today's book. From 2012, Legion of Super-Heroes #5, "One Day, a Thousand Years from Now..." Written by Paul Levitz, pencils by Walter Simonson, inks by Dan Green and Sean Parsons.

This was very early in "The New 52" run of LOSH, but reads very much like a classic issue of the book; checking in with over 26 Legionnaires in 20 pages. Of course, Simonson draws it like he had been working with those characters for years, rather than a single issue seemingly out of nowhere! The big plot points are team leader Cosmic Boy still eaten up inside over the loss of seven Legionnaires presumed dead (lost in time in sister title Legion Lost) while magical newbie Glorith is having trouble fitting in (she may not be intended to fit in...) and Dream Girl has a possibly prophetic vision involving stones. A little vague on that one, she isn't even sure it was a vision or an actual dream; but she's pretty sure it wasn't about Stone Boy.

This incarnation of the Legion barely ran two years--damn, Kevin Maguire art on the last issue! Ooh, need to look out for that. But I think, and could be wrong on this, the whole title was shunted off as being the Legion from Earth-2 or something. The Legion's return has been hinted at, but hasn't turned up yet as I write this.

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