Wednesday, December 27, 2017

"The End" Week: Aquaman and the Others #11!

File under: Optimism. Who thought Aquaman could support two monthly titles? Certainly not me, when I made fun of the idea of the Others back in 2012, but I guess they showed me? For 11 issues, anyway. From 2015, Aquaman and the Others #11, "Alignment: Earth, conclusion" Written by Dan Jurgens, pencils by Lan Medina, inks by Allen Martinez.

I bought an entire run of this series from the quarter bin, give or take an issue. It's readable--Dan Jurgens is pretty consistent, and the art on the decent side of DC's current house style--if not outstanding. This issue was the wrap-up of the Others versus Mayhem, a super-villain team featuring Cheshire and the NKVDemon. The NKVDemon is a step down from the KGBeast, but still has better name recognition than the rest of the Others; with the exception of Mera. Actually, I don't think Mera's even a member, she might just be there because she's not comfortable having her husband unattended around hot jungle girl type Ya'wara. Possibly with cause, but still.

At the end of the issue, the team takes some time off to "recharge." Knowing DC's usual practices, they'll probably be killed off in some event a few years from now. I was going to double up with another Aquaman last issue, but I'll have to see where I stashed that one.


Dale Bagwell said...

Ah the Phew52 raises its dark head once again. I guess it wasn't a 100% bad idea, and maybe if it had a better creative team and was more of a series of mini-series than an ongoing, it might've done better. Still, I can see how the idea of Aquaman being in a JL-like team before founding the JL had to be a put-off for fans. I know I was on the fence about the whole idea.

That Jungle girl though. Yeah I think even though Mera had his heart, he could've been swayed to have an affair with Ya'Wara.

Dale Bagwell said...

Forgot to mention, DAMN what a beat on Cheshire. I don't think I've ever seen someone completely pwn her ass like that.....besides Roy in the sheets that is;)