Tuesday, December 12, 2017

What the hell, here's Nightcrawler in space too.

Bill Willingham is best known for Fables, which is I think was Vertigo's best-selling title for most of its run. And I haven't read it, but I'm still a fan of his since he wrote two really fun Nightcrawler comics: X-Men Unlimited #49, and today's book from 2015, Guardians Team-Up #6, written by Bill Willingham, art by Diogo Saito.

It's the "648th Quinquennial Blade-Fighting Championship," and while the Kree's Haracon the Ghostmaker will be defending his title, two new contenders are moving up the ranks: Nightcrawler and Gamora! Nightcrawler tells the announcers a story, that he been kidnapped by pirates as a child, worked his way up through the ranks, and said pirates may be betting big on him, or against him. (There's a fun bit with one of the announcers, a fan who absolutely doesn't give a damn about anything except swordfighting!) He also wins his matches without killing (which is seen as an "exotic taboo" for "primitive backwater worlds") or using his powers...yet. Gamora, however, is not worried about facing him in the semi-finals; probably because he's not their real target: their entry in the tournament was a ruse, to get at war criminal Haracon.

After capturing Haracon, Gamora gives Kurt a ride back to earth "since your puny, wimpy teleportation power couldn't get you to earth all by yourself, I felt obligated." There, he talks her into drinks, since why not? A super-fun done-in-one, absolutely grab it if you see it. Although like Kurt, I'm pretty sure Gamora would wipe the floor with him if the fight went the distance.


Dale Bagwell said...

Ha! That does look like a quick, fun read. Gamora would probably win in the end since I'm sure her endurance levels are waaay higher than Kurt's. But I see Kurt really make her work for that win though. He's just that damn good.

SallyP said...

Fables really is pretty darned fabulous.