Sunday, December 24, 2017

"The End" Week: Guardians of the Galaxy #27!

Comics are weird. Most other media, if something was cancelled like three times inside of ten years, it might not be considered viable. Today's title was cancelled in 2010 with issue #25,in 2017 with #19, and in 2015 with this issue: Guardians of the Galaxy #27, written by Brian Michael Bendis, art by Valerio Schiti. (It features "The End?" on the cover!)

Star-Lord has returned to his home planet Spartax, where he had been elected president, to replace his father; but the announcement may have attracted more problems: the Chitauri and the Kindun. The former are pretty much cannon fodder (and portrayed very much like they were in the Avengers movie) while the Kindun is controlling a living planet and looking for revenge on Thanos. Which he plans on getting by killing Gamora, which doesn't sound like it would do that much to Thanos. I'm not sure killing Gamora would be easier than killing Thanos himself, for that matter. Especially since she, and Kitty Pryde, are currently cosmically powered after the Black Vortex crossover. I didn't think anyone kept their upgrades after that one, but Gamora is flying around with glowing swords, and Kitty can change to a blue form that...does something, presumably.

While the rest of the team kill a mess of Chitauri, Gamora confronts the Kindun, and offers him the chance to leave: if she really was of Thanos, she would've murdered him outright. Somewhat surprisingly, Kindun seems to go for it, and he and the Chitauri retreat. Still, Gamora leaves the team, since she feels her relationship to Thanos has put them at risk. Back on Spartax, Star-Lord's approval rating is surprisingly not hurt by the alien invasion; and as he considers taking the job Kitty tells him she's there for him to be the best version of himself he can be. (Also, since Kitty was a super-hero veteran by that point, she tells him sometimes team members have to take off for a bit sometimes.) He wasn't going to be president, though: this was the last issue before Secret Wars. (Yeesh, 91 covers for nine issues? Again, comics are weird.) Sight unseen, I'd hazard a guess that Kitty and Gamora were both depowered by the time the next Guardians series started, or pretty shortly thereafter.

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