Tuesday, December 26, 2017

"The End" Week: Legends of the DC Universe #41!

From 2001, Legends of the DC Universe #41, "Lessons in Time, part 2" Written by Todd DeZago and Rich Faber, pencils by Drew Johnson, inks by Faber and Ray Snyder.

The Atom has already stopped his old foe Chronos before this issue begins, but not his scheme: he had tampered with Professor Hyatt's time pool, temporal distortions were popping up all over, and the Atom's only back-up was JLA mascot Snapper Carr. Fighting dinosaurs and saving students, the Atom prepares a bomb to stop the time pool's expansion, but is interrupted by the arrival of Chronos! This more formidable version was from the future, and had been feeding tech and weaponry to his past self.

Atom saves the day, but is disheartened that he has to turn in one of his students for grade tampering. Still, Snapper gives him a little encouragement in the end. This was the last issue of this anthology; which I think I only read occasionally when it was coming out. I've blogged a couple, briefly from the Aquaman/Joker story "The Fishy Laugh", and the JLApe opener featuring Impulse.

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Dale Bagwell said...

Oh man I used to really enjoy this series. I have the WW one, The Denny O'Neil GA/GL one, the JLA 2-parter where they're forcibly turned into growing giants (the part where Oliver starts talking to a bum he thinks is Batman undercover is funny AF) those were all good. I stopped after that, but yeah, good series.