Thursday, December 28, 2017

"The End" week meets 80-Page Thursdays: Justice League Quarterly #17!

Another 80-page last issue! I actually think I bought this before Marvel Super Heroes #15, but just getting around to reading it now: from 1994, Justice League Quarterly #17, featuring stories by Paul Kupperberg, Charlie Bracey, and Andy Mangels; and art by Danny Rodriguez, Carlos Franco, Phil Jimenez, and more.

Even though the book was called Justice League Quarterly, this is at least the fourth Global Guardians story I've read in it, and they get the cover this time too. And none of them have been that memorable. How many of them can you even name? Fire and Ice don't count, and no Wikipedia'ing it! Here, the precog Tuatara (who I don't think is called that all issue, everyone just calls him his first name, Jeremy) has a bad vision of a large, redheaded foe taking out former Guardians, looking for their MIA old boss, Dr. Mist. Several members are killed or crippled, including Tuatara, who is left in a coma; but Owlwoman believes she can rebuild the Guardians with some new members referred by J'onn J'onzz. And I don't think they're ever seen again. Certainly not the new guys, anyway; who are only shown on screen, which thus makes it seem like they chose to never appear rather than join the Global Guardians.

Also this ish: a man awakens from a coma with superpowers, and goes on a rampage over his loss of seven years; but luckily he runs into Captain Atom, who lost twenty years. Do not try to one-up him. (I kid, but it's nice to see CA show a different side.) And lastly, nice Phil Jimenez story for a Maxima story, where she saves a runaway from a life of prostitution. She was usually portrayed as more imperious, haughty; but here shows a compassionate side that I don't think we ever see again. Round out the issue with a few pin-ups (including one of Guy Gardner with a terrible goatee, from Mike Wieringo!) and that's all she wrote.

I'm still missing an issue or two, but aside from JLQ #3 and parts of #5, I don't think this series ever lived up to its potential. It probably could have just done Booster and Beetle hijinks for 80 straight pages and called it a day, with maybe the occasional interlude of Guy Gardner getting punched the hell out...

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Dale Bagwell said...

Huh. That IS refreshing to see Captain Atom portrayed that way rather than his usual, ultra right-wing, hot-headed self. And also a nice reminder of how much the Captain really has suffered over the years.

Yeah the Global Guardians were never really treated well I thought, and always seemed to be fodder for the League in much the same way that the Squadron Supreme were for the Avengers. I think they were replaced in that role by the Morrison's Ultra-Marines before they too became forgotten by default due to lack of use since.