Wednesday, May 16, 2018


I know Wakandan science is the new hotness, but I also know the Black Cat could beat Panther's security. I'm not as sure if that's because she's good, or because she's lucky. And while Satana certainly has no interest in Cat stealing anything she wants, if she sees it as a slight or an injustice, she would do about anything to get her that necklace if it came down to it.

Oddly enough, that's my last Satana/Black Cat strip scheduled...but I'm reasonably sure they'll be up to no good sooner or later.


Dale Bagwell said...

Huh. Well, all's well that ends well......for now.....
Any new side stories from OTHER characters you have just sitting, around jobless?

SallyP said...

Well isn't he the sly one!