Wednesday, May 30, 2018


I get off so easy this time, in terms of filling those balloons; but I totally pay for it next time...


Dale Bagwell said...

Yeah this did seem like a fun, but easy one.
Caught a super minor spelling error in the 6th panel though. You put "In" where you meant to type "Is". Really minor shit I've done myself waay too many times. Sometimes you catch it, sometimes you don't until AFTER the fact.

Anyhoo, this is so real to what would happen it's not even funny, except when it is.
I don't blame Marc and Kurt for taking a beer break and probably for the only quiet time they've both had for themselves since the strip began.

Looking forward to next week as usual.

SallyP said...

Yep, can't blame the boys for taking an R & R break.

googum said...

Fixed in post--for a change! (Usually I say that when I have no intention or ability to fix it!)