Thursday, May 31, 2018

Spring for the collection, or keep running down the singles...tough call.

A $75 price tag is a bit steep, especially since I already have Druid, but Warren Ellis's Hellstorm is being collected. I already have some of it, but not all. Like the second-to-last issue here! From Hellstorm: Prince of Lies #20, "Femme Fatale" Written by Warren Ellis, art by Leonardo Manco; and "Fur Bible" Written by Ellis, art by Martin Chaplin.

This reminded me of British comics, in that the lead feature was a mere 18 pages, even though the letters page obliquely hints the next issue was the last. And nothing seems to be headed for a wrap-up here: Satana puts insane detective Gunyon under her power, then sets him on a mission of "mass murder." In San Francisco, Daimon's girlfriend and partner Jaine Cutter is attacked by Gabriel Rosetti, who steals her Breathing Gun, a weapon designed to murder the supernatural. And in Normandy, a journalist interviews an aristocratic writer of coffee-table magic books, who tells a surprising story of LaVoisin, her possible ancestor, inspiration for her pen name, and witch. And the story closes with the writer sending a message to Daimon: she was going to have a boy...

Also this issue: ads for Stridex, X-Men 10-inch figures, and hockey, basketball, and football cards! All of which are jarringly out of place in this book.

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Dale Bagwell said...

Yeah you'd think the price tag would be a lot lower than $75 bucks considering you could probably buy both entire runs out of the dollar bins cheaper than that. So at the most, They really should've charged 30$ for the whole thing, especially since it's a cult classic and not a really popular mainstream title. Ellis' name alone couldn't have bumped it up that much.

Still, kudos to Marvel for finally reprinting both series though.
Although, if they really wanted to justify the high price, they should've also included the Ellis' Satana project that was never published.