Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Career advice from Booster Gold. C'mon, he's from the future! How bad could it be?

I figure different versions of the Legion show up at Booster's house weekly, and egging it is a common Legion initiation.
We miss you, Jenny Sparks.
Booster's probably still drunk, so if he's making sense, that's why.

EDIT: The fourth page was on flickr, so you can click it to check other stuff, or read it here.

I saw Blue Beetle on sale the other day, and didn't buy him. Then I got the idea for these pages, and had to run back to pick him up. From that wave of First Appearance figures, I previously paid full price for the Warlord (although, it is a pretty great figure) and this store had the rest marked down: the new Atom, Martian Manhunter (with Skrull chin!) and (really terrible looking) Aquaman.

I hear good things about both the Atom and Blue Beetle, but again, haven't read them yet. The new Atom figure was a little underwhelming, since I don't think it came with a tiny version; the previous Ray Palmer figure had come with two.

Another confession: I've read All-Star Batman and Robin the Boy Wonder, but I sure as hell haven't paid for it. I don't know. I'm a big fan of lying, completely straightfaced, when I'm not being serious at all; but I'm not sure if that's what Miller's up to or not. You think he's joking, but you're not quite positive if you should laugh or not...

I was going to say I miss the Authority, but it would be more accurate to say, I miss when the Authority was good. This is going to sound crazy, but I'm going to equate the Authority with the Ultimates...and Watchmen. Hear me out now: each series was imitated heavily by those that came after it, each one raised the bar for superhero stories, and each one of them should've ended and been left alone. Would doing more Watchmen stories have improved that original work at all? Ultimates 3 seems like a pretty good argument for wrapping up that series with the last issue of volume 2, and Authority...ugh. I hated the Ed Brubaker series--it started really strong, but the last pages of the last issue seemed a lot like Brubaker admitting he had to put the toys back in the box in recognizable shape. Which is probably true, but it's like explaining the magic trick after you do it. And the Grant Morrison version...I didn't read, because it seemed kinda obvious it wasn't going to come out in a timely fashion, which turned out to be at all.

As far as Booster goes, I only read his original solo title a couple of times, but I was a huge fan of the Blue and the Gold in Justice League. So while I'm pretty sure his characterization was different between the two, the League version is what I'm used to. The old Beetle was in the same boat. Anyway, Skeets came with a thin clear plastic rod to 'fly' on, but my Youngest broke it. And I'm pretty sure there's a new issue of Booster Gold this week. I may have to pick it up, since I've given him so much grief...


Randy Jackson said...

I strongly--strongly recommend The new Blue Beetle series. Jaime Reyes has a great supporting cast, and he also really reminds me of Lee/Ditko Peter Parker. I definitely would recommend reading it.

You might be able to find samples on Bittorrent...

SallyP said...

Oh Gosh, this was hilarious. And terrifying. Jaime has one of the BEST supporting casts ever.

Seriously, pick up some of the trades, it is a reamarkably GOOD series, and I'm sorry to say...funny as hell.