Thursday, December 13, 2007

As usual, when Guy Gardner's making the most sense of anyone there, things aren't going well.
If you can recognize Guy without the Moe haircut, power ring, insufferable attitude...

From Zero Hour #3, story and art by Dan Jurgens, finishes by Jerry Ordway.

I liked Zero Hour, and several of the accompanying zero issues, when they first came out. Everyone remembers Starman as the best thing to come out of it, and, well, they're right. Unless the upcoming Booster Gold #0 really brings it.

But this sequence jumped out at me the last time I flipped through it: why is Atom hanging out with Guy Gardner? Ray was in the Justice League for years and years, standing on the shoulders of Hawkman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Barry Allen; why is he there? The only interaction I can recall of Ray and Guy was a Power of the Atom issue where Ray declines an invitation to the 'Bwah-ha-ha' League; when Guy mocks they don't need a guy that gets small, Ray flips him onto his ass. (I don't have the issue handy, but the cover tells the story pretty well.)

So, the Atom and Warrior just happened to be standing by each other when they get the news of the past Hal Jordan's death in the future from Waverider, yet another sentence that makes me love comics again. Or...was Ray planning on keeping an eye on Guy, knowing that he would be tempted to take any opportunity to change recent history? Or, was Guy intentionally bringing Atom into his plan, knowing he had experience with time travel--those old stories with the time pool might not be common knowledge, but it's not inconceivable Guy would've heard about it. Or, again, they were the two characters in panel for a bit of dialog setting up a subplot that was either a red herring or a dead end.

By the way, the former Teen Titans all seem like big crybabies over the loss of Wally. And Roy/Speedy/Arsenal's costume is capital-T terrible. Worse than Donna's Darkstar phase.

Just a short one today, hopefully to build up to bigger posts. Got another pile of quarter books today, and it's time to get to reading.


SallyP said...

I rather liked Zero Hour too. Guy was doing just about anything that he could do, to save Hal, which I always thought was rather interesting.

I can see the Atom and Guy teaming up, because they both want the same thing...the possible redemption of Hal Jordan.

Oh, and the emergance of Lady Blackhawk was one of the best things about Zero Hour. I love Zinda!

CalvinPitt said...

Roy looks like he's smacking himself in the forehead there. Maybe because he realized how silly he looks.

SallyP said...

Roy HAS managed to come up with some pretty silly looking outfits over the years.