Friday, December 14, 2007

Not the best headshots I've ever seen.
That top one especially looks like Dane has just seen something he can't unsee, yeah.
Went out to start my Christmas shopping tonight, although the only one I have left to shop for is the Wife. The Youngest and I didn't get a lot done, but I did pick up the Black Knight...for myself, obviously. I liked the figure, although he's got the mostly unneccessary shoulder pads and shield he had in the 90's Heroes for Hire book.

Dane's uncle, Marvel's first Black Knight, had the old-style bucket helmet; but Dane's always had a thinner one that was like a mask. I have no idea how much protection it would offer, or if it sounds like a gong every time he's hit in the head; but it does fall under the proud tradition at Marvel of heavy iron or chainmail being just as tight as spandex. While predating spandex, oddly enough.

Pretty sure the art there was Jim Calafiore, although I don't know if it was done specifically for the package, or from Exiles or something. I didn't like this Black Knight piece, but I've liked his stuff on Aquaman and other books. But, probably Black Knight pictures tomorrow, if you're curious.

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CalvinPitt said...

Yeah, three of the images are definitely Calafiore, but they're actually from Frank Tieri's last fill-in arc on New Excalibur from late 2006-early 2007.

I'm not sure who drew the second image from the top (the one with the black background).