Monday, December 31, 2007

Presented without comment. (Mostly.)
OK, I know what it looks like, but what is actually going on here?
From a Panini Thundercats sticker, circa 1986, that I found, loose and unstuck, in a quarterbox copy of Mister Miracle #25. I like finding little things like cards, notes, little improvised bookmarks in my comics. Proof that someone else read this particular issue once.

Anyway, later on we'll take more of a look at the comic itself, especially since I wasn't sure if I had known Mr. Miracle had ever gotten past 25 issues of a series, but also because it had two well-known creators, and I hadn't known either of them had worked on it. But, that'll keep until later, I'm afraid: the Wife's rented a few movies (including Balls of Fury and the new Halloween, which I'm quite looking forward to.) and we've got sushi and a bottle of Moet from our wedding that we're finally going to drink.

Of course, I'm told champagne doesn't age the same way wine does, so our very expensive champagne could now be a bottle of duck piss. Well, I'll let you know. Have a happy and safe New Years, and coming soon: my 2007 toy list! A new homemade comic! More inane rambling! See you then.

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Dwayne "the canoe guy" said...

Why is he punching himself?