Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Why is Cap so glum?

A. Um, because he's dead?

B. Someone stole his rug, and it really brought the whole room together.

C. All the other Avengers are big stinky jerk-heads.


I swear, I thought I had more time today. Even though large portions of my day were spent either staring into space, or looking for toys (short answer: no) I still figured I was going to be able to get a longer post done. Not so much, sorry.

From Captain America #401, "After the Storm" Written by Mark Gruenwald, pencils by Rik Levins, and inks by Danny Bulanadi. After a contingent of Avengers under Iron Man break from Cap's orders and kill the Kree Supreme Intelligence (yeah, didn't take) then a majority of Avengers vote against disciplinary action or censure against the killers; Cap is ready to step down as commanding officer. (Commanding officer? I thought they had a chairman, but maybe in times of war.) None of the Avengers really want Cap to quit, but they went to war prepared to maybe have to kill somebody, and Cap didn't. Weird.

Recent continuity has reverted to the position that while he wasn't bloodthirsty or a wetworks specialist, Cap certainly killed during the war and since. In Gruenwald's run, Cap killed maybe once, a last resort action to save innocent hostages. (Around Cap #321, off the top of my head.) Read today, Cap seems more than a bit on the whiny side this issue.

I may have to take some time later to write up a little more on Quasar, who guests briefly, as he tells Cap he's going on a leave of absence from the team. Even though he loves being an Avenger and Cap's his hero, Wendell has to get back to protecting the universe and such. I wish there had been a Quasar action figure, man: I would love to have him interact with Hal Jordan. Quasar was like the anti-Hal: laid back, polite, a team-player. Some other time...

EDIT: OK, I did get some of what I was looking for, so new post around noon PST, all right?


SallyP said...

Well...blogging IS hard1 I also think that Cap has just realized that he has no computer screen, so his thoughts cannot be read by him! ARRRGGHHH!

Also, Quasar and Hal together would be sensational.

googum said...

Great guardians, I could get a year's worth of posts with Hal and Quasar as Goofus and Gallant.

SallyP said...

I would faint with delight.