Thursday, January 08, 2009

Timing, part fifteen.

Later today, I'll post the Wolverine fight Nightcrawler mentions.

While I often complain that Nightcrawler doesn't get as much use as, um, just about every other X-Man, I have to admit, if used improperly, he could be a huge deus ex machina. (Unlike Phoenix...or Storm...or Wolverine...I'll stop now.) Look, Nightcrawler and a good length of two-by-four could beat just about anyone in the Marvel Universe. How? Using the two-by-four as a spear, Nightcrawler teleports it into the victim's body, embedding it on the molecular level and probably killing them instantly. Actually, he could also teleport a chunk off of the victim, which would probably also do the trick.

Now, since Kurt isn't a killer, you don't see him do that very often, except to robots or non-living targets. And it's something that's failed spectacularly before: he was badly hurt when he tried that on the super-Sentinel Nimrod. And lots of villains have force-fields or whatnot to prevent just such an occurrence as well--Magneto, Dr. Doom, etc. Still, I think sometimes writers have problems with a character whose power allows him to get into or out of most any situation instantly.

Of course, like I've admitted before, I'm biased, since Nightcrawler's been a favorite since I was a kid. Like Batman or Mickey Mouse, he's instantly recognizable in silhouette; he's got his own sound-effect--I think only Spider-Man should be able to use "THWIP!" Wolverine should be the only one that gets to go "SNIKT!" And it offends me when anyone besides Nightcrawler goes "BAMF!"


SallyP said...

Oh Kurt...I have to admit that this one made laugh out loud, to the consternation of my Shi tzu. But you are absolutely right, Nightcrawler has the potential to be a SERIOUS badass.

The Dude said...

I know what you mean about Kurt never really being used properly. He and Gambit have always been two of my most favourite X-men characters and are among my all time favourites period.
Im not 100% but I think that in the AoA event Kurt was more of a hard-ass and he did in fact kill that version of Deadpool by porting onto his shoulders and bamf-ing away with his head.. that was so cool.. :)

Ace said...

There's been two What If...? stories showing Spider-Man killing. But none staring Nightcrawler. That sucks...