Friday, January 09, 2009

Your happenstance panel(s) for today:

Not pictured:  Loki's costume, horns, insane jealousy.
I didn't notice in Dark Reign, but did Dr. Doom have his fancy chair out? Although, I would have to imagine 90% of that chair's comfort is from the sheer envy it generates in others, and it is damn comfortable. Of course, knowing Doom it's probably also a mobile weapons platform with time machine and dimensional doorway options, and cushions made from the skins of those who have disappointed Doom in the past. And two cup holders.

Plus, doesn't Doom's armor weigh some absurd amount, like two hundred pounds? Can't just pull up a desk chair for him, can you?
I had forgotten Bushwacker was a priest, yet alone Frank... From Punisher War Journal #13, "Confession" Written by Carl Potts, pencils by David Ross, inks by Russ Heath. I really thought Jim Lee did this issue until I looked it up there, and Lee only did the cover. Because he did do pencils and inks for this issue, duhr, it's miscredited, as pointed out at the Grand Comics Database: "Art Mis-Credited to David Ross and Russ Heath who begin next issue."

This was near the height of the Punisher's popularity, but he was in two Acts of Vengeance tie-ins this month--the other, Punisher #28. (God, I really need to just buy those Essential Punisher volumes. And Quasar appears on the cover to #29, which is weirdly entertaining.) In this issue, the Kingpin and Doom are having a little contest involving the Punisher: mocking Doom for letting the Punisher live, the Kingpin sets Daredevil villain, and former priest, Bushwacker on him. I always thought Bushwacker's transforming gun arm was cool: Rick Leonardi, I believe, was the artist in his prior appearances, and set the bar. Nicely, Lee keeps the gun-arm looking like a fleshy-plastic nightmare.

I had completely forgotten Frank was going to become a priest at some point. I don't think I ever read the issues or graphic novel that goes into it, and it doesn't seem like Frank anymore, does it? So, keep it under your hat. Instead, please enjoy a page with that Striker auto shotgun I mentioned on Christmas!
That is some awesome product placement right there...what d'you mean, 'illegal'?
Frank remote-controls his van into Bushwacker's house, then busts in, shotgun blazing. And both Bushwacker and his wife are more pissed about him shooting up the house then at them. It makes sense there, really. Have a good weekend!

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SallyP said...

As far as I can tell, old Normie made them sit on folding chairs around a card table in the basement in the scene from Dark Reign. Naturally, they are ALL plotting his demise.