Thursday, January 22, 2009

Timing, part nineteen.

Yeah, no way Nightcrawler could beat Deathstroke in a fair fight. Cheating, however...

I was looking for my reprint copy of X-Men/Teen Titans, but hadn't found it yet. I know I read someone's copy when it first came out, though, and was more interested then (and now) in the X-Men. Of course, it's not my favorite Marvel/DC crossover: unless another one springs to mind and beats it, my favorite is probably John Byrne's Batman/Captain America, just beating out JLA/Avengers. (Byrne's Galactus/Darkseid one is pretty good, too.)


SallyP said...

Magnificent! Nightcrawler's pragmtism knows no bounds.

I have that X-Men/Teen Titans book somewhere, and it is pretty decent, all things considered. Darkseid and Dark Phoenix are the villains, while Kitty and Gar seem to get along swimmingly.

Anonymous said...

Man, I can't I haven't been reading this site at all until now. I'm loving this! Well done!