Thursday, March 05, 2009

Arrrrroooo, from the mooooon!

Over at Comics Oughta Be Fun, Bully's got Arrrooo From You going, which is like an archive of classic comic book howls. See a werewolf, and you'll see an Arrrooo before too long.
Boy, try and help a guy out...
See? Just a matter of time now. From Scud, the Disposable Assassin #11, "Neutron Dance: Dimension of Blood, part 2" Written by Mondy Carter and Rob Schrab, "produced" by Peter J. Alberts, "directed" by Rob Schrab.

This issue, in addition to the usual insanity, there's Scud with a werewolf's arm, a werewolf with Scud's arm that evolves into a black hole, the utter(ly unimportant) destruction of the planet Venus, and a spirited discussion about what kind of robot Scud is, as in, not a very good one.

Sweet Magilla Gorilla, I wish this book was on like issue #315 by now. But enough preamble, the AAAARRROOO!

It might not be appropriate for everyone (or little stuffed bulls sometimes!) and it may seem nonsensical to some; but I miss this book, and it's anything-goes feel. Scud has been collected now, and I might have to do another giveaway (after I mail out the last one...) of some dupes sometime. And thanks for reminding me of this one, Bully!

Tomorrow: who wanted Watchmen to be a movie even less than Alan Moore?

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