Monday, March 09, 2009

Timing, part thirty-three.

Cable is back! Does this mean "Timing" is nearing an end? You'd think so, but...well, I think we're closer to the end than the beginning, anyway.

I wanted to have a sound effect for Dr. Strange's entrance, but didn't want it to just be "POOF!" And I don't know if Strange should be teleporting in like a Vegas act. There was a long stretch where Strange was every Marvel hero's "on-call" for weird crap. Powers not working? Call Dr. Strange! Teammate turned into a vampire? Call Dr. Strange! Hearing weird voices in your head? Hey, who else are you going to see? That quack Doc Samson? Shaman? As if!

...and now that I've brought it up, maybe I should try to find some. Hell. More on Strange and Cable next time!

Oh, and by the way, um, Strange Tales #169 doesn't exist. Not really, anyway: the title switched over to Dr. Strange there, although I don't think he kept that numbering for long.


Sea_of_Green said...

>>There was a long stretch where Strange was every Marvel hero's "on-call" for weird crap.<<

Well, in the DC Universe, that's what the Phantom Stranger is for (especially whenever Hal Jordan gets himself so deep into doo-doo that the Phantom Stranger is pretty much the only critter who can dig him out). At least Doc Strange has MUCH more finesse than P.S.

SallyP said...

I don't know, Sea, does Dr. Strange wear a hat that shades his eyes and makes him look all spooky? I think not!

Er...what were we talking about again?

~P~ said...

Yeah... I might as well just change my web-site to nerd.alt.obsessive and stuff MYSELF in a gym locker, BUT...

Strange Tales # 169 DOES indeed exist.

When the original Strange Tales split into two books:

Nick Fury; Agent of SHIELD # 1
DOCTOR STRANGE (# 169 - keeping the original numbering)...

Marvel took some time and eventually CONTINUED Strange Tales as well, starting back up from where they left off.

SO, Strange Tales # 169 would be the first appearance of...

But... nobody read those later issues, right?
Hell, no.


~P~ said...

Yeah, I know...
I'm an even bigger buzz kill than even Buzz Killington.


googum said...

Crap! I knew Strange Tales ended and Dr. Strange took over the numbering, but I didn't know it came back!