Tuesday, March 31, 2009

When Bad Ideas Clash!

Not Quicksilver or the Black Knight, specifically, but what's the baddest bad idea on this page?

A. Pietro thinking he can take Dane, after a couple of sword-fighting lessons, and without using his speed?

B. Dane, for thinking fighting his way past Pietro is going to be the way to win back Crystal? (Actually, did Dane ever get that far? I think Sersi blocked him a lot.)

C. Crystal, for thinking she could ever talk anything through with either of those two?

D. Marvel, for thinking Quicksilver could carry his own book?

Well, probably Marvel there, but it wasn't a terrible book. And I like the idea of Pietro and Dane being respected, well-known super-heroes, Avengers of distinction and bravery, who will absolutely try to kill one another if put in the same room for five minutes.

Crystal (and Pietro's sister, the Scarlet Witch) returned from their stretch on the Heroes Reborn world, and to her credit tried to give time to her husband and daughter, but the Black Knight kept pushing to see her, even after the Lady of the Lake advised him to quit it. Even though his charges, the Knights of Wundagore, were currently missing (and captured) Pietro tried to stick with Crystal, which admittedly wasn't going great before Dane showed up. Pietro gives Dane the bum's rush at superspeed, so Dane smashes through a window with his winged horse; and before you can say "domestic disturbance" it's go time!

Since he foolishly tries to fight probably the best swordsman in the world on even terms, Quicksilver doesn't do very well. Although, Dane does clock him one in the face with his shield: strictly speaking, that didn't strike me as chivalrous, since Pietro didn't have one of his own. Regardless of the outcome, Crystal is pretty pissed at both of them, even before the fight wakes up Luna. By the way, how is Luna older than Franklin Richards now? Anyway, Crystal tells both men she loves them, but takes Luna and returns to her family in New Attilan. Don't feel bad, guys: it's not like you lost her to Johnny Storm...or the Sentry...or Ronan the friggin' Accuser...

I'd have to look it up, but I think Crystal had just as long of a tenure in the Avengers as Sersi; but neither is the top of anyone's list of favorites, are they?

From Quicksilver #7, "I Love You, Goodbye" Written by John Ostrander and Joe Edkin, pencils by Ivan Reis, inks by Randy Emberlin. I know Quicksilver and the Black Knight would meet again not too much later in a crossover with Heroes for Hire, but I don't know if they ever buried the hatchet. I kinda prefer to think they didn't...

(Out of office yesterday, but it turned out pretty well. Anyway, I had this one prepped for just such an occasion!)

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SallyP said...

Frankly, they are ALL idiots. Crystal should have just gone off with Dane's flying horse, and Pietro and Dane should have drowned their sorrows in beer.