Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Tagged by Sanctum!

I went to bed early last night, rather than taking a chance of accidentally being exposed to American Idol. (Like Cap, I neither know nor care who won! That'll probably work out as well for me...) So, I didn't scan anything yet, but I was tagged by ~P~ at Sanctum Sanctorum Comix!

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Ooh, I've probably done this one before, but I should be able to think of six more random things...

1. Well, over at the Sanctum, ~P~ mentioned that he tends to dress like a super-villain. On the other hand, I dress like a super-hero. Unfortunately, it's Wild Dog. (For those of you deprived, here's a link, or I'll put up a scan later!)

If there's a chill, instead of throwing on a sensible sweater or jacket, I usually wear a hockey jersey. Go Blackhawks! Maybe I need to get a new black one, for "away" days. I don't think one person out of dozens recognizes the logo, though.

2. As a very young child, after my "I saw a UFO phase!" (it was the seventies!) but before my dread-of-nuclear-holocaust phase, there was a stretch where I firmly wanted to grow up to be an astronaut, and a priest. I was terrified of going to hell, and becoming a priest seemed like the only out. Yeah, I kinda grew out of that one...I would still drop just about everything for a chance to get into space, though.

3. When I was in college, one Christmas a friend got me a lightsaber. I had in on the passenger seat next to me when I drove home for the holiday, and I spun out and ended up in the ditch. The first thing I did was roll down my window, grab my lightsaber, and leap out. Seriously. (It was damn fun, and I just was lodged in a snowbank, so my car was fine.)

4. I drink at least a pot of coffee a day. I'm also an opportunistic coffee drinker: if sugar is right there, I'll use it. If creamer is there, sure. Tabasco? Why not! About the only thing I won't touch is non-dairy creamer, and I'm suspicious of anyone who willingly uses it.

5. As of right now? I have no credit cards, and no credit card debt. Doubtless I owe something for something somewhere, but still. I have a debit card, and just about every time I use it, I mutter "Stupid cashless society." (Strictly speaking, it won't be a cashless society until my dealer will take a check...I'm joking. Sort of.)

6. I have honestly lost track of every stupid, stupid decision I've made in my life. Eh, it worked out ok. Aw, one more: I swear, like a lot. To the point that it is a lot of effort to not swear here, but I made a conscious decision early on to try and keep it kid-friendly. I probably slip sometimes.

Since I've done this one before, I'm not gonna tag anyone, but if you want to play, leave a comment, and I'll throw some links out! By the way, I told ~P~ and I'll tell you guys too: over the weekend, I finished a Dr. Strange/Dr. Doom strip that will show up in a couple weeks! New "Timing" tomorrow, the last chapter!


~P~ said...

Thanks for playing along.

Let's say we get together for a play-date; you can dress as "WildDog" and I'll be:
"Dr. Angst ; Master of Mundane Mysticism"...
and we can play fake-lightsaber duels together.



Wings said...

I am with you completely on #4. Don't get "fat free" creamer either. Or DECAF. What's the point?