Friday, April 03, 2009

Your Happenstance Panel for today:

Also, his shins are no-step!
Yeah, no matter how friendly of a robot you might be, you probably don't want red-stained claws. Makes you look like a frakkin' Cylon. (In other news, I would totally buy a Colonel Tigh Battlestar Galactica action figure, but only if he comes with a voice chip! And removable eye-patch...)

From Trouble Magnet #1, "Saving the Galaxy" Written by Ryder Windham, and art by Kilian Plunkett, co-creators. This is yet another one of those DC mini-series I have three out of four issues for--why this problem for me seems restricted to DC, I couldn't say. Despite a pretty good creative team (Plunkett has done design work for the recent Star Wars: The Clone Wars series, as well as Aliens: Labyrinth and the Unknown Soldier for Vertigo) this series came and went without much of a ripple, like a lot of DC limiteds. (Anyone read Forever Maelstrom, for example? I know Howard Chaykin was in on that, but that's all I could tell issue #2 of Trouble Magnet there are house ads for Relative Heroes and Supermen of America, also forgotten.)

Anyway, Trouble Magnet. Reminds me of like a beta-Atomic Robo, predating that series by a few years--and I really want to pick up Atomic Robo, by the way. Witlock is an internationally famous robot: astronaut, adventurer, hero. But after a skirmish with a disgruntled scientist and his exo-suit in Vegas, Witlock's CPU (Cognitive Processing Unit, which looks like a fairly large server) is stolen from his home base, leaving him running on a buffer of short-term memory. The rest of the series is a running quest to get it back, complicated by the U.S. Army trying to capture the now-rogue robot for their own purposes. Not a mind-blowing comic, but not too shabby, and I do like Plunkett's art. Never gonna find that third issue, though...

Gah, this is like the first time I've sat down at my home computer in days. Better get next week started! See you then.

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