Thursday, April 30, 2009

"Taskpool, part four."

Although he memorably does it in the second issue of his first limited series--"Sort of a tail gunner, as it were..."--you don't see Nightcrawler fence with his tail very often. Probably because the writers think it's a bit silly, or maybe Kurt's just afraid of getting it cut off.

Tasky can copy a lot of abilities, but per his wikipedia entry, he can watch kung-fu movies in fast-forward, then duplicate the moves at super-speed for brief periods. Yeah, I have to call bull on that. I wonder what comic that was from, but I would say Taskmaster can only duplicate skills up to his own physical ability. Tasky's in pretty good shape, but if he's copying Spider-Man's moves, he still can't make a twenty-foot vertical jump.

In Agent X, Taskmaster mentions watching a lot of Nascar to pick up the driving skills, and that probably wouldn't work either: he'd be watching a car, not the driver, most of the time. Of course, in the last issue, he admits to watching soap operas and romantic comedies, to try and win back Sandi. That might just be a line, but it's not bad.


Ace said...

Ahh, Kurt's a dick... Having Taskmaster around is MUCH less likely to result in the total collapse of space/time! Compared to 'Pool, anyway...

SallyP said...

Brilliant move, Kurt.