Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Today's pulse-pounding, senses-shattering, action-packed Star Trek panel:

It's comic books, of course there's gonna be a crossover!
Just like North America, the Alpha Quadrant is the best one...ok, the best one at blowing crap up, anyway.
Page from Star Trek: Telepathy War #1 (Marvel, 1997) Written by Chris Cooper, pencils by Patrick Zircher, inks by Steve Moncuse; and featuring the crews of the Enterprise-E, Deep Space 9, and the Omega Squadron of Starfleet Academy. (Oh, and in an afterword issue, Voyager. For some reason.)

Midway through the Dominion War, the Founders have a plan to eliminate all the telepathic races of the Alpha Quadrant, starting with the Talosians from "The Cage." Cooper had been building up to this in Starfleet Academy and used the medium of comics really well for it: two mysterious, cosmic-looking figures discuss the progress of the plan for months, before finally being revealed as "merely" two cloaked Jem'hadar soldiers. This issue gets a bit rushed, and none of the other chapters are as good as Cooper's own in Academy; but the whole thing has its moments, and seems pretty reasonable in terms of the master plan.

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