Friday, April 17, 2009

Your (non-Star Trek) Happenstance page for today:

Ugh. Did I say I was going to do the regular features, on top of the Star Trek panels? I was going to go to bed, but decided I better sneak in an extra little page. Of course, even then, it's almost Trek related, an ancestor, proto-Trek:
I don't have a Robby action figure.  Or classic B-9.  And, now I'm sad.
From Forbidden Planet #1, "Relief Ship" Based on the MGM motion picture, screenplay by Cyril Hume, based on a story by Irving Block and Allen Adler, directed by Fred McLeod Wilcox, comic script by David Campiti, adaptation and illustration by Daerick Gross. And I probably could've picked an easier book for a short post...

This was from Innovation Comics circa 1992, and I had to check the GCD: I never saw the other three issues of this series (even to this day!) but the first issue had a great Robby the Robot cover that sold it for me. As adaptations go, it's not terrible, although there are a couple of pages that seem to get stuck carrying the vast bulk of the exposition. The stated goal was to expand a bit on the classic movie, but with only one issue and not having seen my old VHS copy in a while, I'm not sure how much 'new' material there is.

I know Innovation used to have the Lost in Space and Anne Rice's the Vampire Lestat licenses, but I don't know what became of the company. Anyway, I'm out for the weekend, but the pulse-pounding, senses-shattering action-packed Star Trek panels will continue later today and all weekend!

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