Monday, April 06, 2009

Timing, epilogue.

There's probably a deleted scene (or two) coming one of these days, and Thursday I should post a complete Timing, but that about wraps this one up. I didn't quite hit a hundred pages (and that's counting the set-up pages that had no idea where this was going) and some of them are oddly sized, but still.

My goal after finishing Timing was to take a little time away from Nightcrawler and Deadpool, but they keep turning back up. (And that chair!) Still, next week we've got a Green Lantern/JLA strip, and then a Dr. Strange/Dr. Doom piece!


SallyP said...

This was truly...Epic! I will miss their shenanigans, but I'm sure that they (and the chair) will soon be back.

Sky_of_Blue said...

Awww ... You just CAN'T get away from Kurt and Deadpool. They're just TOO GOOD of a team. :-)

Good work, Googum!

~P~ said...

I bought that chair a while ago - JUST for my Dr. Strange figure to have a place to sit.

Yeah.. that's right.

Ace said...

Away from Pool and the Elf...? But, they're the only reason I put up with your insane babble!

... I mean... Uhh... Look! Over there! Something incredibly interesting!