Thursday, April 09, 2009

Timing, complete!

It's behind the "Read More!" since it's long. A helluva lot longer than I thought it was going to be when I started it, that's for sure. Eighty-six pages, although some of those are splash panels, which barely count. But some other pages are oddly sized, like four or eight panels instead of the standard six-panel template. (I didn't reprint the set-up pages this time, or the Christmas one-off with Nightcrawler and Deadpool, just the Timing proper strips.)

35 pages in!

I had the ending in mind pretty early on, but since that stupid time distorter could do just about anything, there was a lot of room to meander around, and it was no problem at all to cram in whatever figures I felt like using. 'Cause, y'know, we're all about gritty realism here...

What didn't I get to do? I think I was working on a joke where young Captain Kirk meets old Admiral Kirk, and they both yell at each for a bit: young Kirk can't believe he got so out of shape, and old Kirk tries to get McCoy to give young Kirk a vasectomy right there on the spot. Couldn't quite get it to work, and it would've further derailed any sort of "narrative" there. There was a Sarah Connors joke that I still haven't gotten around to. If they had been out at the time, I would've used the DCUC Blue Beetle and Booster Gold, which may or may not have led to more of a fight scene for them. (I still don't have the new Booster, but they may show up in a "deleted" scene.) I probably should've had Rachel Summers make a return appearance at some point, since checking up on her brother Cable was pretty much the start of the plot. And I definitely should've set up tiny Ultron's return, rather than just shoehorning him in.

Still, I have way too much fun doing these. I mentioned before, Green Lantern strip next week, and a Dr. Strange/Dr. Doom one the week after. I'm having a lot of fun with the Strange/Doom banter, so that might go for a week or two past that.

The most tedious part of doing these strips? Filling in Deadpool's yellow word balloons and captions, since I have to use the fill button in paint, then fill in a lot of the little spots. (You may notice, they aren't terribly uniform if you get up close!) Pages where anyone else talks are like a vacation...


SallyP said...

Timing may have gone on for a while, but dammit, it was epic. Your own personal "Lord of the Rings".

Now, all you have to do is come up with two more sequels, and you can have your very own trilogy!

googum said...

Oh, too easy: Pool and Kurt have to throw the time distorter in a volcano, and Kurt keeps cutting Wade's finger off...I'm gonna make myself redundant, these things write themselves!

I do have the next one in mind, but it may be a bit. Maybe I'll actually have time for a rewrite!

Sky_of_Blue said...

Wow. It's often hard to visualize HOW MUCH work goes into these strips until you string 'em all together -- and now that I CAN see them all together, all I can say is ... WOW. VERY impressive, Googum! Eagerly awaiting your next epic. ;-)

~P~ said...

Seeing this kind of love just makes all the bad things go away.

I'm going to brew a pot of tea and read this start to finish.

Then, I'm probably going to have my brain scooped out with a melon-baller.

I can hardly wait.

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