Wednesday, March 25, 2009

This never happens to that other fellow...

Or does it? Well, first off, how many of you would've recognized Namor there, if he hadn't said his name? The red discs on the costume remind me of Ikaris.

But, although the Sub-Mariner and Aquaman seem to share a lot of the same problems--like losing their wives or other family members, and being dethroned repeatedly--the Sub-Mariner seems to get hit with the loss of his ability to breathe underwater more often. I'm not even a big Namor fan, and I'm pretty sure I can think of like two other times it's happened: in his old book, an issue included with his first Marvel Legends figure; and in Super-Villain Team-Up. ("Pretty sure," but if I'm wrong, leave a comment!) I don't think it happens to Aquaman as often, if at all, does it?

Panel from Marvel Team-Up #11 (1998), "Iron Pirates" Written by Glenn Herdling and Tom Peyer, pencils by Javier Salteres, inks by Chris Ivy. The last issue of this incarnation of the series featured Iron Man, Namorita, and Namor punching it out with the Wrecking Crew, who have a good laugh at Namor's expense when they realize he's under that mask. In the end, Vulko--oops, I mean Vashti, injects Namor with a placebo and tells him it's the OX drug the Atlanteans use to breathe air. Namor is cured, but cuts off dealings with the "surface power-brokers...and the helots that work for them."

Also, towards the end, Namorita either steals a page from Aquaman's book, or Topo makes an unauthorized crossover:
And Namorita's blue today, for some reason.
Your call on that one.

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SallyP said...

The Hell? That's Namor? At first I thought it was Kyle Rayner in a gold mask.

The octopus is nice though.