Friday, September 25, 2009

Apparently, Germany was this close to annexing Qward in the big one:

I've mentioned my hapless (and still weaponless!) DCIH Weaponers of Qward here before, and while there's six of them; they're no match for the German soldiers I got on sale! While one is from the Indiana Jones line, the rest are Ultimate Solder XD 1:18 Germans, and were fifty cents a piece. They're probably a touch oversized for G.I. Joes or Marvel Universe figures (and of course the Weaponers are a touch shorter than that) but they aren't too far off.

This whole pile of figures cost me about eleven bucks, but on this thread from the Fwoosh you can check out some far more substantial army builders. Some are so large, I have no idea how the collector got them all to stand at once, to say nothing of what they would've cost. Check it out!


SallyP said...

Weaponers with no weapons. That really was a ridiculous piece of marketing. And yet...their loss has been your gain!

CalvinPitt said...

The Weaponers (or was it Thunderers) have a Heroclix figure (it comes with a giant Anti-Monitor, which can have flashing eyes, if you add batteries). That guy was at least sporting the lightning bolts, one in his hand, bunch more in a quiver. Course, Heroclixs are so tiny compared to most figures, the Germans would have stomped on him, but at least he was packing heat.