Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Supergirl/Wonder Girl 5: Just because they can't see your panties, doesn't make you a role model.

I'm pretty sure there's been Superman stories back in the fifties where he gets all fat, and I'm also sure there's been multiple tales of him getting overpowered, with at least a few of those showing Supes hulking out like a steroid victim. But I don't know if Supergirl has gone through the same stories or not. And she had a ton of red Kryptonite stories: where Superman would usually have something weird happen like growing a third eye or an indestructible beard or a hump or something; Kara seemed to turn evil more often than not. (Maybe. I'm probably misremembering, but red Kryptonite did feature in most of her early Legion of Super Heroes appearances.)

The title today is a reference to a recent DC Comics editorial edict about Supergirl getting some nice shorts or something, to cut down on the upskirt panty shots. Great, but that probably could've been handled, hmm, more discretely, maybe? I don't know. It's a stereotype, but I suppose an outfit that a superpowered, parentless, teenage girl would actually wear would be scandalous, at best. Man, I'm glad I have sons...

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Sleestak said...

Heh. She should get to looking like Rampage.