Thursday, September 17, 2009

This is a better answer for the Hawkeye-to-Ronin switch.

Remember, Hawkeye was in the carnival. This is not above him.
Admittedly, it could be anyone under that mask, and I haven't read those Daredevil issues with Echo for a long time; but it's a lot easier to picture a guy in that suit, isn't it? Unless the identity of Ronin is like Captain Universe: "The Hero that could be You!"

OK, I'd prefer to have Clint Barton back as Hawkeye; and have the Ronin suit passed around like a headcold. I'd make the joke that no matter who wears it, they always look like that, whether it's a grown man in peak physical condition, an 8-year-old girl, or a morbidly obese man. Or make it a cheesy-fun game: on every Avengers mission, somebody wears the Ronin outfit; ostensibly for the element of surprise. Maybe you can work it out by process of elimination, or maybe someone unexpected has been called in to fill those shoes. Is it Spider-Man? Quasar? The fifties Captain America? 3-D Man? Who? You wouldn't know until they started using their powers, if any, or by any distinctive speech patterns. (Not everyone gets yellow balloons.)

It's also unsettling to see Clint waving a sword around instead of a bow, but it actually makes sense: back in early Avengers stories, it was established that he was trained in archery by sometimes Avengers foe the Swordsman. Leading to the obvious question, why would the Swordsman train archery? Although I suppose you shouldn't assume he doesn't have other skills and interests, the name hints at a different speciality. So, years later, in Solo Avengers, Hawkeye's archery coach was revealed to be a fat guy named Trick Shot. Yeah, I don't think those were great issues...let's just say the Swordsman cross-trained Clint, 'kay?

This Marvel Universe Ronin figure was $3 at Wal-Mart, not too shabby. The plastic feels different, though. I did pick up a little fistful of cheap stuff yesterday, so more will be up next week.


Sea-of-Green said...

>>have the Ronin suit passed around like a headcold<<

Oooooh, yes, yes, yes!

SallyP said...

I like your idea for the Ronin suit. I never could figure out how Echo looked like a man in it. Let EVERYone wear the silly thing!

grifter said...

and if Rocket Raccoon became an Avenger? what then?

googum said...

If Rocket wears the Ronin suit, he looks like Ronin. That's the rule!

(Rocket Raccoon would be an awesome Avenger; especially since the first impression of everyone seeing him--friend, foe, innocent bystander--would be, "Seriously?")