Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Not everyone has their OHOTMU handy, Kurt.

For the sadly deprived among you, "OHOTMU" is the abbreviation for the Official Handbook Of The Marvel Universe. I love those. Go and look up whether Sam "Falcon" Wilson is a mutant or not, I'll wait...

And I have to wonder if that's a common stereotype in the Marvel Universe, that all mutants have healing factors, or claws, or are Canadian. There used to be a lot more uggos, Morlock-types, obvious mutants who couldn't and probably wouldn't blend in with polite society; but post-"No More Mutants," it seems like the majority of remaining mutants are, well, hot. Even if you haven't read an X-Men book in ten years, I bet you could name ten female mutants, and unless you started with Callisto and Destiny, I bet they all look great in a swimsuit.

I suppose an anti-mutant bigot could hate a hot X-Man, true. But I haven't been reading the X-books that closely, and am not sure how the haters' movement could be on such a big upswing, since humanity outnumbers mutants several million to one. Unless they're all just jealous.

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SallyP said...

I've always assumed that the whole "hate and fear mutants" bit, was purely based on jealousy. I mean, who WOULDN'T want to be able to fly or shoot things out of your eyes or read minds?

Apparently the entire population of the Marvel Universe, that's who.

Idiots really.