Wednesday, September 16, 2009


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I think Kurt could give Carter a good fight, but not in a closed space like the apartment. It may seem counter-intuitive to give Hawkman room to fly, but Kurt is going to take more lumps trying to go toe-to-toe there.

And I don't read Justice Society of America regularly, and I'm not sure if Hawkman's even a current member; but I do know they've recently expanded their roster with a number of legacy heroes. Typically, if you're using the same name as a guy that wore a mask and maybe hit a Nazi once, you can get a spot on the team. Probably not a good spot, though: putting aside any actual hierarchy or chain-of-command, figure there's the old guard: the elder Green Lantern, Flash, maybe Hawkman depending on when you ask him. Then, there's a couple relative newcomers, who would certainly be the senior staff on any team not featuring WWII vets; like Power Girl and Mr. Terrific. Then there's everyone else, collectively doomed to be seen as the junior members even if they're on the team for forty years. And they're not gonna be there, for forty years...

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SallyP said...

Poor Kurt. Not to mention the possible condition of his chair.