Monday, November 09, 2009

Die Fledermaus, no!

Oh, they heard you, Baron, they just don't believe you...
Hey, you know what's an awesome idea for a super-villain? Nazi. Vampire. Take two things that are despicable and put them together. Like the original Baron Blood. And you know what's an awesome idea for a super-hero? Not dressing up as a Nazi vampire.

Plus, on a more typical heroic build, that costume really does look like the Tick's Die Fledermaus. But in actuality, this was Victor Strange, the younger brother of Dr. Stephen Strange. Vic had been brought back to almost-life by the young Dr. Strange, but as a vampire...which still doesn't explain the costume or choice of name, yeah.

The vigilante career of the second Baron Blood would be relatively short: although he had every intention of only drinking bad guys' blood, eventually the bloodlust drove poor Victor to suicide. Apparently, Stephen doesn't like to talk about it, since I forget about it until I stumbled back across this issue. And I initially only scanned it because Vic's girlfriend (and possibly old girlfriend of Stephen) Morgana Blessing was foolish enough to let him drink even a little of her blood; the vampire equivalent to unsafe sex.
Well, the bat-ears do cover his haircut...
Well, at least he wasn't sparkly. From Dr. Strange Annual #2, "First Blood" Written by Roy Thomas and R.J.M. Lofficier, pencils by Dave Hoover, inks by Bob Petrecca. Old-school Baron Blood panel from Invaders #40, "V is for Vampire!" Concept by Roy Thomas, written by Don Glut, art by Alan Kupperberg and Chic Stone.

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