Friday, November 13, 2009

As usual, casual Friday goes too far...

Longtime readers may know that I go to work at the crack of early every morning, and I assure you: the motivation to dress like a respectable human being, fades awfully quickly at four in the morning in the dead of winter. I don't know if I'm a slob, but I admit I probably usually look like I just rolled out of bed, slapped something on, and stumbled out of the house. Doubtless because I did!

And that's probably just as well, since I remember actually caring what I wore in the 90's, and still wearing some dumbass outfits. For example, I distinctly remember having an orange, heat-sensitive long sleeve shirt. I looked like goddamn Aquaman, if Aquaman had been a skinny drunk kid with purple hair. Jesus, how I managed to have children, I have no goddamn idea sometimes...Which brings us to today's post, from 1997's X-Man #26!

First up: Nate Grey, rockin' a mesh t-shirt, leather jacket, and some kind of entirely too-tight pants; as he pays a visit to Peter Parker at the Daily Bugle. You don't see Pete with the five o'clock shadow, or the vest, very often:
Then, there's Moira MacTaggert, with her lab-ready scrubs...and Borg eyepiece. That just does not look comfortable, and I have no idea how that stays on her head. Hopefully, not attached to her hairband...

Pete Wisdom usually wore a black suit and tie: that's cool. And he usually wore it for days, smoking, drinking, smoking, eating crappy British food, smoking, and setting things on fire with his powers. Like smokes.

Mind you, I'm not complaining about Kitty's outfit.

Then, we've got Nightcrawler's on-and-off girlfriend Amanda Sefton, who appears to have zip-a-toned her legs; and Kurt in a kilt. Yeah, I have no idea why either; unless he thought maybe he could bring it back or something.
Admittedly, I wish I was brave enough to wear a kilt in everyday situations: I have the legs for it.

From X-Man #26, "Down to Earth" Written by Terry Kavanagh, pencils by Pascual Ferry, inks by Jaime Mendoza and Hack Shack. I remember X-Man as being an enjoyable read back in the day, but after a while, Nate's distrust of everyone he should trust got old. Yes, you lived in the Age of Apocalypse and everything's topsy-turvy here; but after a couple years worth of issues you should start to put it together. Granted, I seemed to recall the X-Men being surprisingly intolerant of Nate: he's not a mutant, he's a dirty mutant from an alternate reality!


SallyP said...

Oh God, I had forgotten how hideous Nightcrawler was with that bloody haircut.


Anonymous said...

Have you not heard of the Utilikilt? I wear mine all the time in spring and summer....