Monday, November 23, 2009

Thanks again, Statcounter.

I check my Statcounter search results pretty regularly, to see how people stumble onto this little site, and today's was a little odd. What do they mean by "jail site" or "prison site"? I'm just curious, is all.

Mind you, I'm more concerned about "larp Judge Dredd," since live-action role playing the Judges would probably involve a bunch of kids with helmets, badges, and truncheons clubbing the hell out of perps. Pretend clubbing, hopefully.


grifter said...

two words. "Super" and "Max". you have fans in Colorado.

1337W422102 said...

I'll let you know if I find anything weird like that on my StatsCounter page. How can I possibly compete with "prison site" and Judge Dredd LARPing?!