Thursday, November 26, 2009

In case you thought I was joking about Redwing hating Sentinels:

That is one roomy head.
From Falcon #2, "Legion!" Written by James Owsley (aka Christopher Priest, of Black Panther and Quantum and Woody) with pencils by Mark "Doc" Bright and inks by Gustovich. About to be crushed by a Sentinel, Falcon pushes his mental rapport with Redwing to its limit. This was later retconned in Avengers (per Kurt Busiek, the Sentinel was malfunctioning and wrong) and in Toyfare, of all places. Reprinted from The Best of Twisted Toyfare Theatre volume 2, quite possibly Cyclops' greatest line in anything, ever:
I would read a book with a drunk Cyclops blasting crap all day.  $3.99, yours for the taking here, Marvel...
The only time I really like Cyclops, is when he's not himself. I may have more issues like that, though...

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