Friday, November 20, 2009

Good idea, bad idea:

When Horatio plans a visit to his daughters Scarlett and Sheena (which involves working around their mother, the master schemer Ursula...) he gives the Quatros Kreed and Sinclair the Merk's list of 218 mass-murderers that need putting down. The Quatros are loyal and enthusiastic, but Judah wonders if this is wise. Horatio not only has other things on his mind, but appears to be a bit strung out by the Merk "overloading the plate:" while Nexus is expected to kill one mass-murderer a month to maintain his fusion power, Horatio explains the Merk "floods his mind with a thousand hideous selections and expects me to choose."

From Nexus #32, "The Visit" Written by Mike Baron, guest pencils by Jackson Guice, inks by John Nyberg. I've enjoyed "Butch" Guice's work since Micronauts, so I didn't want to forget this issue; and it was a good place to give Rude a break, since the next issue would be a big one. No spoilers, but...

...yeah, Kreed and Sinclair's performance review is not going to go well.

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