Thursday, August 23, 2012

80-Page Thursdays: Invasion, Book Three!

In the last issue of Invasion, the Dominion and their allies were defeated; which makes the world suddenly going black-and-white all the more surprising. Invasion, Book Three, plot and breakdowns by Keith Giffen, script by Bill Mantlo, pencils by Bart Sears, inks by Joe Rubinstein with Tom Christopher.

Having deduced the nature of humanity's metagene, the lowly Dominator researcher drops the gene bomb on earth, irradiating it with particles that will effect every super-powered being on earth. (Well, except for the aliens. And a few like Starman and Robotman, who are so altered as to be unharmed. And the Atom. And Wonder Woman. And Green Lanterns...) Heroes and villains alike begin losing control of their powers, sometimes explosively, before collapsing into comas. Max Lord develops the nosebleed that signifies his powers as well.

The Omega Men and the Blasters make their way to earth, just in time to run into a contingent of earth's heroes (and Superman, who had been planning to leave earth forever...) trying to get to the Dominion's homeworld to look for a cure. There, the Dominator higher-ups are a little pissed at the researcher, since they planned on harvesting superhumans, and are trying to figure out how to reverse the genebomb as well.

Back on earth, Metamorpho has mysteriously returned from the dead, and Bart Sears would keep drawing him for some time in Justice League Europe. And in space, Robotman and J'onn J'onzz (disguised as a Dominator) get the information they need from the researcher, but then have to go to the space stalag for equipment. With an antidote-bomb prepared, the heroes return to earth...without Superman, who begins his exile.

This is a fun conclusion to a fun mini-series, and it's still one of my favorite DC crossovers.

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This was a good story.