Monday, August 06, 2012

From Batman: Unseen, three looks into the Batcave.

For starters, this is to remind me I need #1 of Doug Moench and Kelley Jones's Batman: Unseen. It's a fun little mini-series with Batman tracking down a mad scientist turned invisible man. In passing, Black Mask is completely spanked; which is doubly unusual, since Batman comics seemed to have been building him up for a number of years, and the character was created by Doug Moench!
I just had to look up Jones's Batman: Gotham After Midnight series, which ran about a year before Unseen and was written by Steve Niles. I've read maybe three issues of that one, but now I'm wondering if the Batcave just looks crazier and crazier every time Jones draws it. Like the next scan, where Batman appears to have disassembled Robbie the Robot and turned him into a still:
Crazy. Not as crazy as the stuff Jones does with Batman's cape, though; especially when Bats spends the fifth issue mostly naked. You'd have to see it for yourself.

Moench does have an interesting little point going throughout the series: Batman is mildly concerned or annoyed that Gotham's criminals are acclimating to him. They're still scared of Bats, but not pants-fillingly terrified anymore; and Batman wonders if that's an edge he can regain.

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Pete said...

I loved this series! I may actually have a duplicate of #1...that might have been one of the issues I bought, then forgot I bought and bought again. I'll double check when I get home from work--if so, it's yours.