Wednesday, August 01, 2012

I would read "Sword of Shazam," honestly...

I've really enjoyed the DC Nation shorts, particularly "Sword of the Atom." Partially because although I have a few issues of it lying around, I've never read it fact, I didn't realize there was a third Sword of the Atom special! That's probably set right before Ray got dragged back to the world in Power of the Atom. (Figure we'll see more of that series around the end of the year...!)

Check out the first chapter: I would watch the hell out of an entire DC Nation half-hour: twenty or so minute-and-change episodes of random DC shorts. Something to consider, Cartoon Network...


Dale Bagwell said...

First off, Happy Birthday you beautiful son of a bitch you!

Hope you're doing well, besides having to spend most of you birthday @ work:(

So, uh, how old you now and how old does that make you in dog years? And no, you can't ask Sam, that's cheating:)

I should've sent you a card, which I promise I will after I get back from my short vacation.

How was yours by the way?

Anyhoo, hell yes I would gladly watch SOTA if CN and DC finally decided to make a short series of it. Sign me up!

Nice skit by the way. "Sword of Shazam" is funny, and something that would no doubt be infinitely more readable than the current craptastic reboot he's getting now:(

Must....have.....more......Sword of Shazam skits!

googum said...

41, and I'm actually on vacation now! The Youngest and I just had steak with my folks, and my little sister and her family. The blog's been on autopilot all week!

And poor Captain Marvel can't get "Sword of Shazam," he's got two fists, doesn't he?

Dale Bagwell said...

Yeah, your right on that one:)

That's right, I didn't know until you mentioned it in your blog. Cool. I hope you had a fun time then.

41 huh? Damn. Well that makes me feel better now actually, as I'm turning 31.

I'm on a short road trip myself this weekend, but the real trip will be next weekend ,as I'm off to my not-so-local comic shop. Action figures beware!