Wednesday, August 15, 2012

This happened to me today. Mostly.

Haven't done this in a while: click to enlarge!

The article in question in Time was "Mountain Dew's Dub the Dew online poll goes horribly wrong," and since it mentioned rickrolling I did have "Never Gonna Give You Up" stuck in my head for a good two hours. The worst part is, I'm old enough to remember when it was first on the radio. Ugh. And xkcd had a better joke for this one some time ago, which is probably why it was stuck in my head.

Still, earlier this week Progressive Ruin had a post on a pile of classic Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle stuff, and I have the Ninja Pizza piece. I'd used it in a Nightcrawler/Deadpool strip some time ago, and then that made me want to do another strip with them; so I knocked this out real quick.

Oddly, I bought the new issue of Uncanny X-Force (#29) and while I didn't love it (Psylocke stabs herself, to prevent herself from bringing about a totalitarian future, and fails somehow.) there was another fun Deadpool/AoA Nightcrawler moment that hopefully wasn't horrible foreshadowing.


Dale Bagwell said...

Nice one as always Dr.Googumheim!

You know, I might have heard about that rickrolling stuff somewhere, but maybe not. I should be ashamed.

And no, you're not he only one who remembers when his video was on tv. I think I was only 5 years-old at the time, but I do remember his video appearing on a Top 10 or something show hosted by Casey Kassem. Remember that guy?

Successfully I haven't experienced that song invading my mind, but that's only because I already have a shitload of songs already roaming around in there, thus no more room for poor rick:(

Glad you brought back Deadpool and Kurt or another skit. I read the one you provided in the link w/the face-hugger and Zoidberg. Fucking hilarious dude. What happened? You used to be funny:)

Naw, you know you still got it. -Cue imaginary crowd screaming "You still got it; you still got it!"

I've been keeping tabs on the current X-Force storyline too, and it doesn't seem to be too big of a hit with a lot of fans, and I don't blame them since that bad future stuff's been done to death. Perhaps they'll like the upcoming one against the new Brotherhood instead.

Funny shit as always man.....

SallyP said...

Haven't we all had days like this?