Friday, August 17, 2012

OK, this week's comics. And junk.

This has been a not-especially-wonderful week or so, but I did pick up a few things recently. First up, from the Batman: Power Attack line, Mutant Assault Batman and Dual Destruction Two-Face. Not bad, reasonably priced, great packaging art, slightly goofy. The Two-Face is for me like the above Robin, a bit of a place-holder: he's got the job until someone better comes along. And Battlegrip pretty much sold me on the red Batman with slightly oversized Man-Bat parts, but I love the name "Mutant Assault." Which reminds me...

This week also had a small but OK crop of comics: the aforementioned Uncanny X-Force #29. I think that storyline's got another two, three issues at least, too. There was also Daredevil Annual #1, featuring the ClanDestine, Dr. Strange, and Alan Davis. A quick glance found a couple reviews saying the annual didn't measure up to Mark Waid's current run, but I don't think anyone could say an unkind word about that art. And I've read the ClanDestine before, so I didn't mind seeing them again, either.

Butcher Baker #8 finally came out as well, more than a bit late, but I was more surprised that it was apparently the end of the series. Maybe it was always intended to be (I hate when a series claims to be a limited midway through) but it felt a little sudden. Then, writer Joe Casey and artist Mike Huddleston may have hurt each other's feelings a bit--Casey may have blamed Huddleston a bit for the delay, but Huddleston said he wasn't making enough money and had to do some paying work first. Butcher Baker definitely wasn't a series for everyone, but I was enjoying it and will be sorry to not get more. Oddly, in the backmatter, Casey quotes a line from Blade Runner: "The candle that burns twice as bright burns half as long." I misremembered, but I thought this was the response...

...and wondered if Butcher Baker might not feel the same way.

Also picked up a small pile of DVD's...apparently, I won't spend more than three bucks on a DVD lately. I enjoyed the animated All-Star Superman (three bucks at Wal-Mart, if you're lucky) even though I'm not a huge Supes fan. I haven't had a moment to watch DC Superheroes: The Filmation Adventures yet; I think those cartoons are older than even me. The Fantastic Four animated series was from a few years ago, and I remember it as being OK, maybe not amazing. We'll see later. I did watch a Star Trek DVD the other day ("A Taste of Armageddon" and "Space Seed") but if I keep buying the original series on random DVD's, it's going to take me a billion years. But I did find a movie I had just been telling my brother-in-law was "not super-original, or great; but totally watchable." Doomsday:

And then a couple more: Hellboy Junior might not be canon (save for a few panels of HB wondering "What the #### was that?") but it was one of the few Hellboy books I hadn't read. Not for the easily offended, but that just means it's fun. And I picked up that Batman digest for three bucks, but was mildly disappointed since I've read "The Joker's Five-Way Revenge" and "The Cry of the Night is Kill!" before.

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Dale Bagwell said...

Sounds like you made out some good swag then buddy.

If you don't like that Batman digest I'd be more than happy to take it of your hands, as I'm a bit of a sucker for those things. I still have a Green Lantern one that reprinted a good portion of the O'Neil/Adams run. Good, good stuff. And I used to have the one that reprinted a team-up w/ the GA GL, Alan Scott, as they fought against Krona. Unfortunately in my moment of youthful stupidity I either sold or it or gave it away. Yeah, I know:(

I agree w/Mutant Attack Bats; I'd have gotten through that whole thing in 4 issues. Someone needs to tell the big 2 that Decompression is dead, and is no longer needed or wanted. Even Joe Casey said that. And yeah, I caught that interview he did with CBR too. He basically said he was disappointed in Middelton and the book being late. Although he neglected to say Middleton wasn't getting paid for shit, even though he said he's basically doing those books for free himself. Interesting.

Blade Runner. Damn good movie worthy of its cult classic status. So many good scenes, but the continuation of this one, where Roy kills his maker is cool and shocking at the same time. Painful too, obviously since I highly doubt having your eyeballs pushed through your skull feels particularly nice.

Good post as usual buddy.

I'll call ya' this weekend. Have a good one.